Zhejiang Haidi Sen capsule Ltd. located in Zhejiang Xinchang Confucian Ao Town Industrial Park,Website:http://www.haidiseng.com, known as China Town Ru'ao capsule town's reputation as a beautiful, pure water, fresh air and unique convenience opportune. In 2010 the company comply with the GMP requirements, using the most advanced technology and manufacturing hollow capsule production equipment New construction hollow capsule production base, in May 2011 by Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration's acceptance. The company covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, employs more than 200 people, technical staff accounted for more than a third production line employees are engaged in years of experience in the production of hollow capsules wealth of technical staff, the production plant in strict accordance with the GMP standard design construction, clean level reached 100,000 existing segmented automatic capsule production line 11, the annual output of 5 billion, a variety of models according to customer requirements in strict accordance with the "Drug quality management practices" orderly production of quality products; in full compliance with the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" inspection Center Edition 2015 requirements for raw materials and product quality stability and reliability to provide a strong guarantee. Sunshine, blue ocean, the forest is our yearning for a trustworthy brand is our pursuit, your support is the source of our forward momentum, could reach the top contribute to your cause is our honor in this life, let us work together share the glory tomorrow.